An analysis of the advertisement for nicole nail lacquer and its effects on attracting the audience

The first target demographic is women between ages , and the second is women ages I marketing strategy because they are popular among their target audience, and bring attention to their brand while sending a message of a high quality product that celebrities prefer to use. They are large users of social networks and are continuously on the go. Sales promotion offer IMC can be Defined as PR exercise for a negative news about the brand A concept of marketing communications planning that Fighting competitors claims recognizes the added value of a comprehensive plan that Introducing changes in the product offering evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communication 6 disciplines. Also, the fact they are flower shades also implies that not all aged women would wear such a colourful nail colour on themselves. I hopes to spark a new sense of creativity with consumers, just as designers would experience in creating new fashion lines. Also, in US the shoes industry were full with strong competitors — Nike, Reebok, Vans, Converse — who all developed a well known brand reputation and loyal consumer base, how was he going to compete with them? In order to create the greatest amount of brand awareness, O.

These women generally are educated, employed and have mid- to high-level incomes. By participating in this type of sponsorship, the company hopes to form an emotional connection with the target demographic and enhance brand image Tuckwell Facebook will also showcase the new product line and packaging.

I Limitless Line through the channel of distribution, creating brand awareness and ultimately generating revenue through sales.

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One distinguishing factor is the quality and style of the bottle that the polish comes in. Demonstrate O. Through the advertising campaign, consumers will submit their name ideas for each of the 5 new colours in the Limitless Line, incorporating the female fashion icons from the s.

Industrial Marketing A business-to-business deal, which requires a sales representa- Sales Promotions tive to make the sales call, here, the additional information Sales promotions are different from advertising, in that they do provided by him with the help of certain pamphlets and not involve the use of mass media.

With this launch, O. So it is more of a A lot of new variants promise to gain prominence, but mainly planned promotional communication. But with good creative, Pile is confident sales will follow.

An analysis of the advertisement for nicole nail lacquer and its effects on attracting the audience
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