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The company also tries to identify any potential snags in adoption, such as staff members who might be computer-phobic. Communication among users is as a very important factor contributing to the user acceptance of these systems. There was no use of any communication tool with other providers e-mail, fax, or SMS. Many studies have been conducted in the area to gauge the use of EHR systems and the risks, benefits, and barriers these systems have to offer. Davis, PhD Abstract With the government backing the concept of electronic health records EHR , and with technology being used in every walk of life, more and more hospitals are looking into implementing EHR systems. Policy makers should consider incentives that continue to reduce implementation cost, possibly aimed more directly at organizations that are known to have lower adoption rates, such as small hospitals in rural areas. The findings of the survey were based on provider respondents in the environments of ambulatory, hospitals, IHDSOs, and others. When testing for a correlation between rankings of barriers and size of hospital, the Pearson correlation and Spearman rho found a significant relationship between one barrier to adoption of an EHR system and the size of hospital.

Reardon JL, Davidson E. What follows is a look at the four major barriers preventing progress in health IT adoption, use, and exchange according to ONC. Support Once health records are digitized, they will need ongoing support and maintenance. Journal of Medical Systems.

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By considering the factors identified in this study, it should be possible to improve the ability of clinicians to easily and effectively use the EHR. This study found there was a significant relationship in some of the perceived benefits and barriers to adoption of these systems based on the size of the hospital.

However, due to the low response rate, these findings may not be generalizable to other hospitals throughout the country.

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5 key barriers to adopting electronic medical records today