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During the opening credits we see Ned running through the woods in only his tight swim suit: Where is he coming from? Neddy takes off his clothes to make himself naked and then he goes in the pool and swims. Cheever says that Neddy was jeered at, laughed at, and that a beer can was thrown at him.

the swimmer historical context

Grace said no so Neddy went to the bar to get a drink from the bartender who was rude to him. As he has a drink with his friends, it occurs to him that a string of other backyard pools reaches all the way across the valley to his own home.

Frank Perry, His home symbolizes the soul and the heart. In that place, Neddy meets Mrs. The turning point was, quite naturally, World War II, which left an entire up-and-coming generation disillusioned about the sociopolitical world, the mayhem their own parents were capable of mustering, and their complacent privilege in the years thereafter.

That was the day! As the swimmer Burt Lancaster pauses beside each pool, his conversations with the owners sound real enough, and yet somehow they are very stiff, very correct, as if everybody were reading lines or this were a dream.

So unfolds the metaphorical and mystical swim. Others hate him. This shows the readers that Neddy was a very happy person who was treated well by Mrs.

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