Literature review of marketing management concepts and human resource management

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The model predicts that HR has a direct link to the development of Human Capital through recruiting, selection, performance appraisal and training activities. Practices that enhance Human Capital can affect organisational performance indirectly by shaping the skills, attitudes and behaviours of employees.

Human capital and organisational capital interact to generate customer capital and value is created by the interaction of the three sub-components of intellectual capital. Without that, it is impossible to have a successful IM program. Corporate Communication According to Dubrin advice can be authentic as the sending, accepting and compassionate of messages. Findings can be discussed with reference to the assertions posed by the model, enabling analysis of recent research within the scope of a comprehensive multi-level model. It is more difficult to rule out the possibility of omitted variables in cross-sectional designs. Micro-level research has looked at the effect of Human Resources practices on individual-level variables such as ability, motivation, performance and attitudes. Reichheld conceptualises cast adherence as the alertness to abide with the present company. Feedback on performance through formal appraisal systems enables employees and supervisors to identify areas for improvement and to set realistic, individually specific developmental goals, which facilitate further skill acquisition. Rylatt discusses Human Capital as a type of know-how, on par with, rather than a subcomponent of, intellectual capital as well as customer and relationship capital. Strong HR systems reduce variability in perceptions about the attitudes and behaviours valued by the organisation. HR practices also elicit valuable behaviours.

In longitudinal research it is important to consider from when measures of performance should be taken Ichniowski et al. Criteria Used to Include or Exclude Literature from the Review The next step was to read through the abstracts for each key word search and assign each abstract to one of two categories, include or exclude.

Animal Ability charge to acknowledge their role in managing, advancement and acceptable the accumulated brand. The selection and combination of Human Resources practices sends out a signal to employees through work climates and normative contracts about the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that employees are expected to hold or demonstrate in order for the organisation to achieve its strategic goals.

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Internal Marketing IM : a literature review and research propositions for service excellence. The total number of hits, found in PsychInfo and EconLit, generated for each search are presented in the Table 4, as well as the number of hits allocated to the include-reviewed, include-not available and exclude categories. The implementation of high performance or innovative work practices may be combined with the introduction of other organisational changes that may have their own performance effects and which have feedback effects on high performance work practices. Methodological problems can increase the probability of researchers committing type I and type II errors. These articles were judged to be of relevance to the literature review and were therefore included. Table 1 illustration not visible in this excerpt Note. More specifically, the focus of the literature review will be to address the following questions relating to the individual, organisational and inter-level relationships between Human Resources, employee performance and organisational performance: 1 Do Human Resources have a direct impact on organisational performance? Seventeen articles on the include list could not be obtained. Researchers have to not only consider if the first wave of respondents represents a random sample of the population but there is also the added complication that attrition rates between data collection points might be influenced by performance since poorly performing firms almost always refrain from participating in the second wave of data collection Ichniowski et al. High levels of enthusiasm and commitment in the workplace are indicative that the Human Capital is working in the favour of the organisation Rylatt, Once employees join the organisation their current levels of knowledge and skills can be enhanced through formal and informal training and development activities. HR practices also elicit valuable behaviours.

According to Dzinkowskithe practices for managing Human Capital tend to have been drawn from the field of HRM management, indicating the conceptual similarity between Human Capital and Human Resources.

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This review surveys literature found in PsychInfo and EconLit databases predominantly on Human Resources and the following economic indicators of organisational performance: earnings, productivity, return on assets, profitability and return on equity.

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HR practices shape employee attributes through perceptions of what the organisation is like psychological climate and mutual expectations about the exchange between employee and employers psychological contracts at the individual level.

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Literature Review of Marketing Management Concepts and Human Resource Management