Pmp certification courses

Advanced Project Management face-to-face, Turin : 14 hours The Advanced Project Management face-to-face course is a combination of nuts-and-bolts theory and practical lessons learned, all packaged in a fast-paced, highly interactive session to get you and your organization on track to consistently deliver successful projects.

We will send instructions for WebEx access to registered participants. Besides, this is a weekly updated, audited and backed up pass rate ratio in footer of Master of Project Academy homepage. A half-day Foundations of Agile Project Management.

Pmp certification courses

Yes, we have group discount packages for online training programs. Course Contents Course Contents: Online sessions Week 1 — Key Concepts of Project Management: In this session, we introduce the programme and walk through key concepts that are relevant, regardless of the types of projects you work on or your level in the organization. The rating can be Below Proficient, Proficient, and Moderately Proficient The result pass or fail is determined by a combination of these grades. This may not be the best fit if you are looking for training that you want to avail of keeping the flexibility of time, location and your self-managed pace. Note that, PMI continually conducts in-depth studies to ensure that our credentials reflect the current skills, knowledge and best practices needed to succeed. Rather, a rating is given in each of the five process groups. Which certification exams does PMI offer? It covers questions, out of which 25 questions are considered as pre-test questions used for future tests and are not scored. Objectives Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to: Describe basic concepts and principles of project management Recognise different styles of influence and adopt different approaches in order to increase influence with their team and stakeholders Identify the preparatory steps for any type of project and define clear project goals Apply concepts and techniques to develop accurate project estimates and schedules Identify and assess the risks involved in project management, by performing qualitative risk analysis and planning risk responses Develop effective communication skills to allow accurate project status reporting and project closing Course Methodology Course Methodology: The course combines instructor-led sessions with a face-to-face classroom-based session. The fast-paced, highly interactive half-day course discusses common myths and misconceptions about agile approaches, identifies factors to consider when deciding whether to adopt agile practices, and includes a simulation to apply what you learn. So is the case with the project managers.

However, on a single project, you do not need to have experience in all five process groups. They are highly rated as one of the best online PMP test preparation courses and have a high success in students passing the actual exam.

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Ppm certification

The positive impact is not exclusive to the U. Are there any pointers provided by Educera for the exam? Weekday sessions start on every Monday and end on Thursday. Also, we will talk about the people side of project management. You will never have to worry about a PMI certification becoming obsolete. Do you provide assistance for the exam application process? It covers questions, out of which 25 are considered as pre-test questions and are included by PMI to see how many test takers get them right. You will not be communicated about these questions; they are randomly chosen. Cost of participation Cost of participation: The course fee of 2, USD covers full participation, both the online and face-to-face components. PMI offers five different exams related to the discipline of Project Management. It provides support and practical activities and useful examples to help participants apply these skills to their daily work. For more details please contact support simplykart. Who provides the certification? This offer benefits participants looking to get certified in the near term.

It is similar to a survey conducted by PMI. PMP credential holders in all countries surveyed noted higher median salaries than non-credential holders — some upwards of 50 percent more. You may also mark a question that you are unsure of and revisit it at the end.

Do you provide assistance for the exam application process?

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Following are the details of Master of Project Academy. These formats include classroom training and online training. Learn Important Skills — Leading successful projects is hard and this certification prepares you with the knowledge needed to get a project through to completion.

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