Sids research papers

Sids research papers

Side sleeping position also increases the risk for SIDS, some studies reporting this risk to be similar to that of the prone position In addition, findings of genetic abnormalities in SIDS vary across groups, with polymorphisms also being reported in genes for sodium channels, complement C4 and interleukin 10 involved in immunityand genes involved in the development of the autonomic nervous system, such as paired-like homeobox 2a and rearranged during transfection factor RET Google Scholar Hoppenbrouwers, P.

Salmons, J.

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While tobacco causes adverse health consequences, it also has been a unifying factor for change in public health Cullen, J. The L allele is responsible for increasing the effectiveness of the promoter region of the serotonin transporter gene and thus an increased expression should lead to reduced serotonin concentrations.

Google Scholar Kuhn, C. Schwartz, D.

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Furthermore, marked changes in neural control including within brainstem regions overlap the peak period for SIDS, i.

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SIDS Research Papers