Write a postcard ks1 maths

Composition -- Consider what they are going to write before beginning by planning or saying out loud what they are going to write about. In writing lessons at Westwood, we create experiences which are exciting, hands on and memorable.

The same lesson was used later in the week with Willow class whose adventure was all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

example postcards

Here's a tip - keep writing fun and use any excuse you can think of to encourage your child to write about anything, anytime.

How high can it go, how long can it fly for? Activity Give each child in the group a slip with their full name and address on it. Use it as a way of starting conversations. Get them to show you how they do it and support them in their learning.

Then explain how we can write our names and addresses so that we can send letters.

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Descriptive Fictional Postcard Writing by amyprimary87