Writing a selection criteria statement examples

Writing a selection criteria statement examples

Firstly, note that selection criteria are each assessed separately. Make sure that you stick to it. It is not - the employer still wants to see demonstrated examples that prove your fit. Selection criteria statements are often phrased in a particular way. The third step is, in the right hand column, to identify events and achievements from your experience that show that you have the ability to carry out the tasks and do it well. Your brainstorming list should include examples of your actual skills in action and be related to the position that you have discovered in Step 1 , the type of selection criteria and the context of the selection criteria. Less is more when it comes to job applications. Note the language used and the very specific areas the question covers. Here's how. For most industries, you can choose examples from a range of different activities such as internships, casual work, volunteering, university projects and extracurricular activities.

Ask if that person would employ you based on your replies to the key criteria. Use the format that the employer requests or prefers.

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If you choose to address selection criteria in your written application, guidelines on how to do so are outlined below. How to address selection criteria To address selection criteria in a one-page cover letter, see our cover letter tips and template.

Your document will need to have a beginning introduction , a middle the body and an end the conclusion. There is no longer a requirement for applicants to provide a separate written statement addressing all of the selection criteria in detail. The key to writing a strong response lies in identifying examples of instances where you have clearly demonstrated the required competency. Job selection criteria, also known as key selection criteria or KSC, is the first document a selection panel reads to assess your suitability for a job. Make sure you used positive language; and the examples are clear with no ambiguity regarding your role. Make sure you take note of any limits, since your application could be rejected based on non-compliance with these specifications. What next? How long should my selection criteria responses be? Problem solving has been a critical part of my roles over the past five years. I regularly use advanced features of the program, such as Do you meet all or most of the selection criteria requirements? The simple answer is as long as they ask for.

Contact Us Today. Golden rule 5: Keep the layout simple. Then write a short statement around 60 to words for each.

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It will make your statements easier to structure in advance, and with all the planning processes, make your statements quicker to write and more effective in the long run.

Follow the guideline in the instructions.

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These might include: details of any relevant training courses you've attended, such as 'Effective Communication at Work', or 'Introduction to Microsoft Excel' subjects studied as part of award courses, such as bookkeeping, office practice.

Follow our 9 golden rules to ace that key selection criteria: Golden rule 1: Understand the process.

Addressing selection criteria within cover letter examples

More help with your job application:. Position descriptions generally have two main parts. In my five years as a teacher, strong communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills have been essential. The next step is to back up this information with specific achievement statements. Where possible use the same words and the language that is used in the key criteria. Note that you should use examples every time — regardless of whether the selection criteria statement uses those words. This is now optional. Where possible, mention the same kinds of tasks and responsibilities as are listed in the advertised position description. Advanced selection criteria responses I will leave you with a thought.

You could do this by referring to feedback you've received from others, suggestions you have made that have been adopted, changes you have implemented that are still being used. When employers set key selection criteria for job applications, they are given very high priority in the application selection process.

Cover letter addressing selection criteria sample

Your document will need to have a beginning introduction , a middle the body and an end the conclusion. Task — the task or problem to be solved. Are you a close match to the position requirements and can you address the selection criteria with strong examples? The number of individual criterion will vary from department to department and job to job, but there are usually at least four, sometimes up to 15 or This involved There is another key point to consider that may require a bit of investigation on your part. Brainstorming Brainstorming ideas and examples of things to write about in advance is a lot easier than writing on the fly. Try to use examples that are complete and that you actually completed. Public sector job applicants already know the answer! Below are some guidelines on what to include in the statement you write for each criterion. Writing Your Draft Writing selection criteria is a lot like writing an essay remember those?

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How to Nail Your Selection Criteria Responses