Writing a user manual sample

Here are some guidelines to help make instructions easy on the user. You will find all types of instruction manual template at our shop currently in versions like Word, Excel, and PDF. Follow the timing and sequencing of the actual operations. Create all other content Now I asked Philip to create all other content, such as the procedures, technical specs and legal information.

Make sure terms are familiar to the user, technical features and terms are well explained and use terms consistently. Step 8 Create the Content for Your User Manual Template Write the Intended Use The purpose of your product, or better: the intended use, is the heart of a user manual and forms the basis of ensuring the safe and healthy use of the product.

Also, try numbering each and every step so that it is easy to redirect the user to other step at any moment.

Provide conceptual information when information is necessary for adequate understanding and execution of tasks. We call this version the textual content design.

simple instruction manual

The user manual must be indexed, clearly mentioning where to find the exact page for reference. Here is how to write a good user manual.

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8+Instruction Manual Templates